Theme Rooms

The Sailors Ball features the famous and unique “theme-room format.”  Guests will be able to glide from one location to another and experience different sights and sounds throughout the evening.

Theme Rooms for the 2016 Sailors Ball were:

Bermuda_LOGO_2The Bermuda Room – 2nd Floor

Be transported to island life and start your #RacetoBermuda for the 35th America’s Cup in June 2017. You’ll soak up the mystique and culture of Bermuda, a destination set apart by its location and its way of life.

Think beach resort meets night club complete with island-inspired cocktails and a mash up of island sounds from Bermudian DJ Damon DeGraff and New Yorker Paul Sevigny. Many more surprises. Who knows, you may even catch a glimpse of the oldest trophy in international sports.



The Talisker Room – 4th Floor

The Talisker Room will feature a full bar serving Talisker Single Malt from the Isle of Skye, served neat and in bespoke cocktails created for the event.  Opposite the bar will be barley juicethe band Barleyjuice, which after 8 years is returning as the hit of the ball with their raucous Celtic (and Kilted) crew.  The dance floor will be jumping!

Don’t forget to wear your kilt this year, as the Talisker prize will go to the Kilty who draws the greatest acclaim from the crowd!





The Casino Royale Room – 3rd Floor

Located on the 3rd Floor. This “007” theme room is complete with Vegas style game tables, including live blackjack, craps, and roulette. Guests may purchase chips inside the room and are encouraged to try their luck at the tables. Turn your chips in once you are finished playing and you could win some great prizes!  Winners will be eligible to win a variety of luxury prizes including designer accessories, travel and entertainment and sports memorabilia.  The Ball’s Martini sponsor, Death’s Door, will be serving gamblers and their guests incredible martinis to enhance your “Casino Royale” experience.

Mount Gay Rum Sailor’s Lounge – 2nd Floor


Mt Gay Rum is America’s traditional sponsor of sailboat racing.  So of course they have a big presence at the Sailors Ball.  The Mt Gay Rum Sailor’s Lounge is located on the second floor in the Pine Street Room.  Stop here for your Mt Gay Rum & tonic or try some of the Mt Gay Rum cocktails for this season including the “Black & Stormy” and the “Mt Gay Manhattan.”  This is also where all the Caribbean sailors gather at 10 a.m. to dance to some of the ir favorite songs from De Caribbean Regatta.

Heineken “Boom Boom” Room – Main Level


The Heineken “Boom Boom” Room is located on the first floor in the Main Bar area.  This is usually the hottest room from midnight until the ball ends at 1 a.m.  Lots of great dance music will be blasting out of the huge sound system and the crowd will be going wild.

The Secret Silent Disco – Third Floor


The Silent Disco Room – Super stealth on the third floor.  Look to the left and behind the black velvet curtain.  You’ll hear no sound as you approach the entrance, just the jumping of feet and the pumping of arms in the air.  When you walk into the darkness, you will be greeted with a headset.  Set your color for the best channel and you are launched into the newest and wildest experience sweeping the party scene.  And next time you want to host that super cool incredible event at your company, but can’t have blaring sound, you’ve now been connected with Castel at Sound Off.

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